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Words of War

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Collated by: Anthony Weldon

What are the hidden factors that motivate armies to prevail and conquer against all the odds? Often it is the words of inspired leaders and generals that make soldiers perform unbelievable acts of heroism.

Words of War is a collection of the world’s greatest military speeches that helped make men do great deeds – each speech is set in its historical context.


· General Dwight Eisenhower to Allied troops before the invasion of Europe 1944

· Napoleon in his heyday inspiring the French Guard to greater glories

· Elizabeth I of England’s stirring “…I have the body of week and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king …”

· The Duke of Wellington’s casual observations at the Battle of Waterloo - “I don’t know what effect my men will have on the enemy, but, by god they frighten me.”

· President Abraham Lincoln’s brief but inspiring Gettysburg Address in 1863

· The sometimes outrageous but often motivational General Patton – “Better to fight for something than live for nothing”

· Winston Churchill’s eloquent and iconic speeches of World War II

THE LITERARY – of which William Shakespeare was the master (“Then imitate the action of the tiger; stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood” and “Let slip the dogs of war”).

THE SUPREME TACTICIANS such as Sun Tzu (“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”) and Karl Von Clausewitz (“War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means”).

AND, OCCASIONALLY, THE DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS – General McAuliffe’s succinct but inspiringly defiant reply of “Nuts” to demands that he surrender when surrounded by Germans in the Belgium town of Bastogne 1945 … And “Don’t bother ducking, the men don’t like it and it doesn’t do any good” Brigadier General the Earl of Longford’s orders just before he died in battle, Gallipoli 1915.

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Publication: 22ndOctober 2012

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