The Unround Circle

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…and other stories

by Pete Bellotte
I didn’t intend for Alex to be in my book, he just appeared, sort of uninvited, as he always seems to in real life.”
The Unround Circle

Just because I made it up doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

Master of the written word Pete Bellotte presents twenty-two short stories exploring the limitless range of behaviour that people are capable of.

Amusing, perplexing, dark-minded, or even hilarious, the characters inhabiting this universe have just one thing in common: a determination to challenge expectations and upset the norm. You’ll never see them coming.

In their own way, all of them – liars and murderers, heroes and romantics – fight back against the forces, right or wrong, that work against them. They defy convention… Break the bonds… Unround the circle.

400 pages
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ISBN: 978-1-910533-09-3