Spoils of War

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The Treasures, Trophies & Trivia of the British Empire

Author: Christopher Joll

Foreword: The Duke of Wellington

Over the last seven hundred years the United Kingdom has acquired a staggering array of treasures as a direct result of its military activities – from Joan of Arc’s ring to the Rock of Gibraltar to Hitler’s desk. Spoils of Wardescribes these spoils and how they came to be acquired as well as telling the tales of some of the extraordinary (and extraordinarily incompetent) men and women, now mostly forgotten, who had a hand in the rise and fall of the British Empire. Along the way the book debunks a significant number of myths, exposes a major fraud perpetrated on a leading London museum, reveals previously unknown spoils of war and casts light on some very dark corners of Britain’s military history.


ISBN: 978-1-910533-46-8

Size: 246 x 189 mm

Pages: 320 Illustrated

Published: 20 April 2020