Never a Dull Moment

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Sir Patrick Sheehy

Never A Dull Moment takes us on a fascinating journey that starts in pre-war colonial Burma and ends in the boardrooms of Britain’s top companies. Along the way, we visit wartime Australia, West Africa on the cusp of independence and a host of other countries at critical moments in the second half of the turbulent 20th century, meeting an extraordinary cast of actors from all walks and levels of life.

Pat Sheehy tells his story laced throughout with an impish sense of charm and down-to-earth humour, affectionately sketching his friends and acquaintances with a perspicacious palette. Seen through the prism of global business and international relations at one level, and of personal friendships and social initiatives at another, this is a refreshingly modest and often funny account of an exceptional career.


ISBN: 978-1-910533-22-2

Size: 234 x 156mm

Pages: 200


Published: 1 November 2016