Imperial Impresario

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The Treasures, Trophies & Trivia of Napoléon's Theatre of Power

Author: Christopher Joll

Foreword: The Duke of Richmond and Gordon

To give political legitimacy to his Empire, in just fifteen years Emperor Napoléon I created an enduring image of Napoléonic France as the contemporary equivalent of Imperial Rome. He did this by the deft use of iconography and what today would be called ‘branding’, which he applied to every aspect of his family, the government, the military, the monuments to his achievements, his palaces and their furnishings. The tangible remains of this grand, imperial ‘theatre’ has excited royal and other collectors ever since.

The Imperial Impresario take a wholly new look at Napoléon and the First Empire by interpreting the era in theatrical terms: the players, the sets, the props, the costumes, the tours and the script, much of which has survived.


ISBN: 978-1-910533-62-8

Size: 246 x 189 mm

Pages: 224 (Illustrated)

Published: 16 November 2021