Clashing Agendas

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CLASHING AGENDAS - Inside the Welfare Trap

By David Freud

For an unintentional politician, David Freud has had more impact on the United Kingdom than most.

This is the inside story of his battles - with Westminster and Whitehall alike - to modernize our welfare system. Some battles were lost but most were won. Amongst his reforms was the highly controversial introduction of Universal Credit.

A riveting dialogue-driven account of how Government really works.

“The big political beasts of the period stalk the pages - from Blair and Cameron to May and Johnson. Clashing Agendas illustrates the extraordinary difficulty of achieving worthwhile change in this country. It reads like a political thriller.”

MICHAEL DOBBS - Conservative politician – creator of global best-selling novel and TV series House of Cards

“A gripping tale of the life of a minister who, unusually, wanted to be a reformer in an area where casualties far outnumber survivors. Whether you like it or not, Universal Credit is one of the big reforms of the last decade and David Freud had his hand on the tiller throughout. If you want to be a reformer – Tory or Labour - read this book.”

ANDREW ADONIS - Labour politician – Secretary of State for Transport 2009-2010

“The absolute insider’s account of Universal Credit - conception to disaster to recovery. A story told with pace and pizzazz.”

NICHOLAS TIMMINS - Journalist and author of The Five Giants: A Biography of the Welfare State

“David Freud spent more time than any other minister at the centre of the biggest programme of welfare reform for half a century. In this fascinating account he takes us through the politics, the complexities, and the frustrations of delivering such a huge programme. Brimming with passion for improving our broken welfare system this is a classic insider’s account, essential reading for anyone seeking an understanding not just of how welfare reform works, but how politics works.”

PAUL JOHNSON - Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Size: 234 x 156 mm

Format: Hardback

Pages: 368

ISBN: 978-1-910533-52-9

Publication: 21st June 2021

Price: £20.00