An Engineer of Coincidence

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Author: Edward S. Fort

As a schoolboy, Ted Fort lived in a farmhouse with no electricity, no mains water supply and an outside ‘thunderbox’ lavatory. With his brother Robert, he would walk across two fields to the main road to catch a bus to school, leaving their ‘wellies’ under a stile to be worn on the way back home.

In spite of his dyslexia and a lacklustre performance in the classroom, Ted created a successful business selling eggs as a sideline. This entrepreneurial streak never left him. As an apprentice at Rolls Royce, he excelled at drawing engineering designs and it was this extraordinary talent that led to his groundbreaking designs for critically important valves for the global transport industry.

Ted went on to establish his own world-class engineering group and to feature in the Sunday Times Rich List.

Ted’s is a life of full of coincidences and lucky pivotal moments, but this memoir is far more than a “rags-to-riches” story. He has always been prepared to take a carefully considered chance and with refreshing honesty he guides the reader through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Business is only part of his story. Ted tells of his passion for sailing, the people he has loved and the mysterious number – 259 – that keeps appearing at the most unexpected times.


ISBN: 978-1-910533-23-9

Size: 246 x 189 mm

Pages: 224 Illustrated

Price: £20.00

Published: 1 May 2017